Destinations & Send to Car. Have all your destinations in one place! The ones you need on a regular base, and the ones you discover – all in MINI Connected.

MINI Destinations & Send to car
MINI Connected App regular destination
Your regular destination.

Personal learned destinations: The learned destinations feature in MINI Connected helps you carry out your daily routine with greater ease and efficiency. It recognizes your frequent/recent destinations and trips and puts them at your fingertips so you don't have to search for them. Predicted destinations: Stay on time and avoid surprises with MINI Connected app that learns your daily driving habits and predicts your next destination to alert you with a time-to-leave notification that includes your estimated arrival time and traffic along your route.

finding new destinations
Finding new destinations.

Send to Car from MINI Connected: Search for destinations like fuel stations, parking lots, restaurants or bars in your MINI Connected app, or import them from your smartphone calendar. With MINI Connected, you will have all your destinations in one place. As with your regular destinations, you will receive a time-to-leave notification that includes your estimated arrival time and traffic along your route. Send to Car from Apple Maps/Google Maps on your smartphone: if you prefer to search for your destinations in Apple Maps or Google Maps but want your MINI to navigate, you can easily transfer your destinations to MINI Connected, by using the „share“ function of Apple Maps or Google Maps. Again, you can set a time you want to arrive, and MINI Connected will tell you when it‘s time to leave.

use all your destinations with ease
Use all your destinations with ease.

No matter which way you chose, your next destination will automatically be transferred to your navigation system, once you connect your phone. For some models, you don‘t even need to use a cable for that. And if you still should be running late, you can easily send your estimated time of arrival to people via SMS. This way, also your friends benefit from MINI Connected.