The MINI 3 DOOR Iconic

As from Rs 1,299,000. The MINI 3 DOOR Iconic is what you were waiting for!

The MINI 3 DOOR Iconic offers you some incredible options :

MINI Driving Mode

MINI Driving Mode.

The MINI 3 DOOR Iconic Driving Modes allow you to customize the driving response and gives life to your MINI. You can go in “Green” or “Mid” Modes for cruising or you can  jump into “Sport” Mode to unleash the beast in your MINI. 

Parking Distance Control


The Parking Distance Control with the MINI 3 Door Iconic, makes parking and manoeuvring your MINI much more easier.You're always in control while parking or reversing.



The MINI 3 DOOR Iconic is loaded with different interior colours and allows you some interaction in your MINI. You can change the ambiance depending on your mood.