Multitone Roof on MINI


MINI has a long tradition of experimenting with bold and unique colour combinations, and ever since the days of the classic Mini, motorers have been able to opt for a roof in a contrasting colour to the vehicle’s body. Recently, however, with the introduction of the new multitone roof, the personalisation options for your MINI’s exterior have been taken to a whole new level. 

For the first time, an innovative wet-on-wet painting process is being used at MINI Plant Oxford to create a three-colour design for the vehicle roof, which is available as an optional extra for the MINI 3-door, MINI 5-door, and MINI Clubman. 

This new design feature is characterised by a flowing gradient that goes from dark San Marino Blue at the front of the roof, transitioning to Pearly Aqua in the middle section, then finishing with Jet Black at the rear. This also works to highlights the three-part division of the body, something MINI has long been known for. 

The introduction of the multitone roof is made possible by a new painting technique in which the Pearly Aqua colour is applied first, followed by San Marino Blue and then Jet Black. This innovative technique is fully integrated into the automated production process at the MINI plant. Nevertheless, slight deviations in the colour pattern may occur due to changing environmental conditions, making each individual model a true unique.